Special committees

As professional management and discussion organizations of Shenzhen Lawyers Association, special committees are accountable to the council.

Currently, Shenzhen Lawyers Association has 14 special committees: 
Lawyer rights safeguarding committee 
Lawyer discipline committee
Public relationship committee 
Service development, occupational training and youth lawyer growth steering committee
Lawyer development strategies and system construction committee 
Assets management and financial committee 
International & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan work committee
Lawyeress work committee 
Lawyer practice dispute reconciliation committee
Cultural & sports committee
Law assistance and community service work committee
Law agency management steering committee
Lawyer People’s Congress representative & and CPPCC member work committee
Member and lawyer representative work committee

Work responsibilities of special committees
1) Join or preside over the survey and investigation on major projects and issues, put forward opinions and suggestions. 
2) Carry out consulting, inquiry and deliberation, and formulate the bills related to this special committee. 
3) Join drafting, demonstrating and applying for approval of the lawyer industrial management specifications. 
4) Handle and reconcile the affairs within the scope of responsibilities of this special committee. 
5) Set up a regular relationship with relevant government departments and social bodies. 
6) Carry out other relevant activities according to the authorization of the lawyers association and the characteristics of the special committee.

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