President/vice presidents

This Association has one president and four vice presidents. The president is the legal representative of the Association and represents this Association to the outside. The president is elected from the lawyer representatives who are prestigious in the Shenzhen lawyers circle, highly capable of organization and social campaign and enthusiastic of the lawyers’ commonweal, handle affairs justly, and has excellent expertise and outstanding achievements, as well as experience of more than 10 years of practice, 5 years of which are practiced in Shenzhen. The tenure of the president is two years, and can be renewed if reelected, subject to a limit of two continuous office terms.

The vice presidents assist the president in carrying out work, and undertakes the assigned work. The vice presidents are elected by and from the council members.

Responsibilities of the president: 
1) Carry out external activities on behalf of this Association. 
2) Present work report to the lawyers congress on behalf of the council. 
3) Inspect and supervise the council in implementing the decisions and resolutions. 
4) Propose the candidate for the secretary general. 
5) Sign relevant documents of the lawyers association. 
6) Answer the supervision opinions put forward by the chairman of supervisors. 
7) Exercise the responsibilities granted by the council. 
8) Other responsibilities stipulated by the articles of association or the lawyers congress.

In case the president fails to fulfill the responsibilities for special reasons, the president shall designate a vice president to act as president.

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